About us

Mama Luna is a family run business owned by Luna and her partner Nico.
Luna and Nico share a love for nature, wildlife and healthy, vegan living.
They came to Australia as backpackers in 2018 and settled in their lower Northshore home in Sydney in 2021.
When Luna got pregnant with Baby Eliah it was very important for them to live as health-concious as possible throughout the pregnancy and eliminate any toxins in their environment.
To Lunas shock most pregnancy and baby care products were full of cancer causing ingredients like mineral oils, talcum, chemicals and unnecessary nasty additives. And all of the packaging was plastic!
Luna knew she didn’t want any of these nasty ingredients on her or her baby’s body.
They decided to make their own cosmetics and care products with only natural ingredients and essential oils.
Soon after Mama Luna was founded.
We pride ourselves in using only hand-selected natural ingredients and plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging wherever possible and we make sure that every product we sell is created full of love and care for all you wonderful mamas and babies out there!