Blue Lotus - a magical plant used since ancient Egyptian times

"As the soothing light of the full moon induces the petals of a blue lotus flower to open, so grace, the feminine divine induces our spiritual love to awaken, blossom and spread its fragrance into the world"

Radhanath Swami

Most people have probably heard about the famous white lotus and its historical, cultural and spiritual significance. It is widely known throughout Asia as a holy flower, symbolising rebirth, purity, enlightenment and life itself.

But not many know about its cousin, the magical blue lotus, also called the flower of intuitive ascension. The knowledge about this plants special healing properties goes way back to ancient Egyptian times. The Egyptians have used the blue lotus flower to make potent sacred wines specially imbibed with blue lotus extract.

Apart from drinking the blue lotus wine, you can also brew a blue lotus tea or smoke it to experience vivid lucid dreams and the dried petals can be made into a pain-relieving massage oil. Blue lotus is known to have an anaesthetic effect and can be a potent remedy for depression and anxiety.

But its magical properties don't stop here, the Blue lotus flower also enhances the libido and is widely used as a strong aphrodisiac. Actually the effects of the blue lotus are so strong, that using Blue Lotus Massage Oil or drinking Blue Lotus tea is not suggested during pregnancy before your estimated due date.

But once you are in labour, this wonderful plant can be your greatest companion and helper to combat strong surges and keep you in a calm hypnobirthing state of mind. It relaxes the muscles, eases any fears surrounding birth and lifts your mood into a euphoric state. Blue Lotus Massage oil is not only helpful during labour, it can also be massaged onto the belly after birth to ease afterpains and stretch marks. 

The symbolic and spiritual significance of the lotus flower is also embedded in a birth practice gaining more and more popularity around the world - the so called Lotus Birth. Instead of cutting the umbilical cord after birth, the placenta will be kept attached to the baby until the cord naturally dries and falls off. Herbs and salt are rubbed into the placenta to keep it fresh for the 3-7 days it takes for the cord to fall off.

Why not use our Blue Lotus Labour and Stretchmark Massage Oil to embalm your placenta with the magical properties of this mystical plant and enhance the spiritual experience of your birth?

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